Basic Vehicle Maintenance

October 5th, 2018 by

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From changing your fluids to replacing air filters, basic vehicle maintenance helps keep your vehicle running smoothly for longer. Whether you have a brand new Ford, or a used vehicle, you need to remember some general guidelines and practices for keeping your vehicle in pristine shape. You might think basic maintenance can be pushed off, but disregarding these basic needs can cause future problems that could otherwise be avoided.

Why is Basic Vehicle Maintenance Important?

  • Prevents Future Costs: Though basic maintenance needs might cost a few dollars, taking your vehicle into our service center will allow technicians to detect and prevent more costly repairs in the future
  • Keeps You Safe: Putting aside your vehicle’s basic needs can put you at more risk on the streets of South Bend. Maintain your vehicle properly to make sure you, and your passengers, all always safe in your vehicle
  • Maintains Vehicle Reliability: Neglecting maintenance can lead to potential breakdowns, engine problems, and more. Properly maintain your vehicle to keep it at its peak reliability
  • Keeps Your Warranty Intact: Failing to fix issues or replace parts can invalidate your vehicle’s warranty. Stay up to date with maintenance needs to preserve your warranty

Which Parts Need Routine Maintenance?

So, you might be wondering: which parts of my vehicle need to be maintained? The short answer is, lots of them! Here are some general items and parts on your vehicle to check on frequently:

  • Dashboard lights
  • Tire pressure/tread
  • Fluid levels (coolant, engine oil, transmission oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid)
  • Belts and hoses
  • Brakes
  • Headlights
  • Air filters (cabin and engine)

Keep up with the maintenance needs of these parts, and make sure to replace parts as needed, to make sure you don’t absorb any unwanted future costs. Check our oil change frequency guide and regular car maintenance recommendations for details.

Visit Our Service Department Today!

Remember to also keep up with oil changes, tire rotations, battery checks, hand car washes, and more. Our certified technicians will handle any service issues you may have. Visit our dealership near Granger, or simply contact us online with any questions you may have!

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