How to Connect to Ford SYNC®

October 25th, 2018 by

SYNC cluster
One of the best parts of having a new Ford vehicle is the connectivity features that come along with them. This is all made possible through the Ford SYNC® feature. Connecting to SYNC® is as simple as following a few simple instructions on your Bluetooth®-enabled phone and infotainment screen in your Ford. Depending on the model year you have, the process is slightly different. If you’re ready for more connectivity in your South Bend drives, read through this handy guide courtesy of Jordan Ford.

Connecting to Ford SYNC® on a Newer Model

To connect to your Ford SYNC® system in a 2017 or newer model, as well as selected SYNC®-equipped 2016 and 2015 models, the process is quick and easy. Select 2016 and 2015 Ford models include:

  • 2016 Models
    • Escape
    • Edge
    • F-150
    • Focus
    • Mustang
  • 2015 Models
    • Edge
    • F-150
    • Focus
    • Mustang

Once you’ve turned on your phone, started your vehicle, and turned on the radio/SYNC® system, follow these steps to SYNC® your ride:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth® system on your phone
  2. Press the ‘Phone’ button on your infotainment center, then press ‘Add’
  3. In the Bluetooth® menu, search for pairings and select SYNC®
  4. Read the six-digit PIN number on the SYNC® screen and make sure it matches the number on your phone
  5. Once connected, you’ll see a message on the SYNC® screen that says “Phone is connected”
  6. Opt in for, or ignore, more phone options that you will be shown, like connecting your phonebook to the system
  7. If your phone prompts you to allow SYNC® to access your phone, click ‘Yes’
  8. Done correctly, the SYNC® system will display the ‘Phone Menu’

There you have it! Following these steps will have you connected to SYNC® and ready to head out on the streets of Osceola.

Connecting to Ford SYNC® on an Older Model

Should you have an older used Ford vehicle, or any Ford model not mentioned above, the process is slightly different for connecting to SYNC®. For these older models, follow these steps after turning on your phone, vehicle, and radio/SYNC® system:

  1. Enable Bluetooth® on your phone
  2. Press the ‘Phone’ button to open the Phone menu on your vehicle’s screen
  3. Press ‘Ok’ then ‘Add a device’, then press ‘Ok’ again
  4. You’ll see a prompt that SYNC® is ready to pair devices, press ‘Ok’
  5. A prompt will say to search for SYNC® on your phone, press ‘Ok’
  6. On the Bluetooth® menu of your phone, locate SYNC® and press it
  7. A six-digit PIN number will appear on the SYNC® screen, enter it exactly into your phone
  8. Opt for, or ignore, more phone options like pairing your phonebook
  9. Grant access on your phone to SYNC® by selecting ‘Yes’ in the prompt
  10. Exit the pairing process by hitting the back arrows to select ‘Exit’ and then press ‘Cancel’ to completely exit the Phone menu

Just like that, you’re connected to Ford SYNC®.

Get Connected to Your Ride at Jordan Ford

So, if you’ve been wondering, “How can I sync my ride?”, now you know! The process is quick and easy, and this handy guide should make it even easier for you. Any SYNC® compatible phone can connect to the system. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today, or stop by our dealership near Granger!

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